“You can’t erase a bad vacation! So, let’s start out by not having one!”



You are a modern explorer. Curiosity helps motivate the choices you make in life.

Seamless, escorted and all-inclusive; Celebrity is more than a cruise in the Galapagos. Their ship Xpedition is your platform for learning.

xpedition - 10 day cruise

The Celebrity – Xpedition Galapagos Tour


The Galapagos islands are a laboratory of uniquely indigenous plants and animals that do not mingle with any other parts of our planet.

The connection you’ll make with the locals is born from a deep shared understanding that so few people get this far in their travel adventures.





“What happens between you and the animals in their natural habitat…is pure magic…

You cannot do the Galapagos justice by describing it from what you’ve read in a myriad of well-meaning books. What you will “feel” by experiencing the destination in person, will transcend every other trip you’ve ever taken. And, you will judge all other vacations by this…one.”.



We’re in Good Company!

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